How to use the Paris Census record -- a guideline #guidelines #france

David Choukroun

how to use Paris Census records
Example : Rue LeMarois
Name : Rabinovitch
Years : 1931 / 1936
1st Step : Google map is always helpful (and Paris is beautiful :))

and find your street by name
you will find

2 important information there (highlighted in Red)  : the Arrondissement : XVI = 16iem
, and the Quartier : Auteuil (you may have several entries there because of changes in time)

3rd Step : go to Archive the Paris Web site :
and fill the form with previous information

then you shall have access to registers (some are  missing)

4th Step : DO NOT parse the complete records (500 x 8  images in average) unless you have time :)
the right method here is to understand quickly how the street names are sorted : most of the time by Alphabetical order but which one ? :)
example : Rue Lincoln, Paris 8iem :  it can be Abraham Lincoln ? or Lincoln ?  So A or L ? 
not to mention the tricks about the Passage, Impasse, Places ... that are recorded sometimes at the end of registers

As soon as you understand the structure of the file, it is much more easier to find your street
In my case, this is Rue LE MAROIS = L ==> 3rd line of the previous list
then you can follow the street number of the street (do not mix with the number of Family associated)
Rabinovitch can be found easily here :  (in my example : Rue LeMarois 35 and 37 on the top left, Family number is 38)

Trick: odd and even numbers of the streets might have been recorded separately !!!

What can you learn :
names of the full family
but also
the year of birth 78 = 1878, 12 =1912 , 05 = 1905, etc... in my case
country of origin : here Poland and Lettonie and Russie (the letter O, or N can indicate if there was a naturalisation )
Ch = Chef de famille = the husband
F = Femme = the wife
Enf = Enfant = Child
the Activity : e.g. here Steno  = Stenographe, and the last number is a reference to the employer
This is far far from complete -- I did it in a hurry -- I will complete most probably with Bernard Flam and others later

Hope that helps,

Best regards

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