Translation of documents from German to English #translation



My Israeli cousin has inherited German-Jewish family tree material going back to the 1550s for the “other side” of his family. Aside from the factual information, which he has already begun entering into a genealogical software program, this material includes dozens of pages written in German, describing the lives of many of the family members over the generations, going back to 1600. These “stories” relate to their professions, community life, restrictions by the authorities, and life during different periods of these German-Jewish communities. He has had about half of the material translated from German to English, but the person who had volunteered to translate can not continue.

He would like suggestions on finding someone else to continue the translation, which is too complex to do with GoogleTranslate. For his purposes, the translation need not be “perfect.” The purpose is to understand the stories and the historical environment of these ancestors.

Thanks for your suggestions. You may contact him personally: Yuval Bloch ( yuval_b1@... ).

All the best,

Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Lexington, MA

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