Re: Hit a roadblock finding death certificate for NYC: names, certificate number, but no death year #belarus #usa #general


I also worked on the transcriptions for John Martino, but most images were of indexes, not the actual documents. I spent extra time sorting my work in any number of ways to cut down on errors due to poor quality images, but I (and hopefully others) flagged questionable entries in the spreadsheets. I don't know if the Italian Genealogy Group did any proofing after it received the transcriptions made by the volunteers. For the most part, I don't use the IGG portal at all these days as has actually pulled more accurate info and more details, especially in the NYC marriages, even including parents names of the bride and groom. A final note for the IGG death index--I never left off a date, because the indexes were chronological. At most it would be off by a year because an event happened in late December and not being recorded until the following year.
Eli Savada
Bethesda MD

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