looking for relatives of Miller and Zangier families in Fargo, North Dakota,L originally from Grojec, Poland. #usa #latinamerica #poland


Looking for descendants of Matel (possibly Matla) Zanger Miller (1883-1952) and husband Jacob Miller. Her headstone is in the Jewish cemetery of the synagogue in Fargo but I do not know where Jacob's is. They had two sons: Abraham and Israel. All of them were born in Grojec, Poland and came to Fargo, North Dakota in 1911 and 1920. Strange enough there are no records of the family during the census' of 1930 or 1940.
My maternal grandparents were Moshe Zangier and Zisel Miller, both of them born in Grojec, Poland, the same town that Matel Zanger and Jacob Miller came from. My maternal grandparents moved in 1922-1925 to an agricultural colony of the Jewish Colonization Association in Argentina, founded by Baron Hirsch. Because of the time, similar situations and family names I think the families in Fargo, ND and Argentina may be related.

Angel Kosfiszer
Richardson, Texas

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