Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general


My grandmother was coughing upon arrival at Ellis Island.  Authorities feared TB.  She was not allowed entry.  Her name was crossed out from the manifest.  The arrival vessel, SS Mt. Clay, showed two passengers on board during the return trip to Hamburg.  Those two passengers where my grandmother and my great uncle, who was accompanying my underage grandmother during the voyage back to the old country.  A few months later, my great uncle had obtained passage on another vessel, and he and my grandmother returned to the U.S.  Her cough had cleared.  She was admitted into the country.  And therefore, I exist.  Had she stayed in the old country, she probably would have perished in/near Nowogrudek.

Ken Domeshek

Damesek, Kartorzynski, Sinienski, Braverman.

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