Re: I can't trace the Milch family that arrived in America from Hruszow #galicia

Mark London <mrl@...>

Thanks to everybody that replied to my email request! As usual, people
were very helpful, and once again I found flaws in my method of
searching. What I've learned is that everybody needs to do the same
search, on both and . For example, I
had tried searching for the town name of Hruszow, and people living in
Massachusetts. That town name was on a WWI draft card for one of the
family members that I was looking for. However, only
had transcribed the town name and put it in their database. did not!

Also, one person did find Abraham Milch listed as a father in Hruszow
birth records, in the JRI database. I could swear that I had searched
that database without finding him. I must have had snow blindness.
More likely, I was getting fatigued at that point.

Very much appreciated to all who responded.

Mark London
Natick, MA

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