Ida Friedman/ Herman and Perl Katz #holocaust

Stuart Kaufer

Ida Friedman was the daughter of my maternal Great Uncle David Friedman who was murdered in Auschwitz.  The family lived in Nagytarna.  Ida contacted the family in 1949 and that is the last we heard of her.  She was sent to Stuthof KL and liberated there.   I do not know if she subsequently married or had children.  I have tried the usual avenues but nothing since 1949.   In the chance that this list serve may yield some information I am posting this and requesting information about her niece, Perl Katz.   Herman and Perl Katz lived in Munkacs, survived the war and emigrated to Israel.   I was in touch with them in the 60's when they were still in Munkacs, they had 3 sons, one of whom died.   One son's name was Friedrich.  Perhaps someone on the list knows of them or their children,  Perl and Herman are presumably dead as they were middle aged when I was in touch with them.   Thank you.

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