Re: Lost family in Ukraine-a dead end #ukraine


Thanks for your offer to help, Chuck.  We are all from Belaya Tserkov, as far as I know.   This is referred to repeatedly in the ship manifests, old photos, correspondence.  I have envelopes with the street addresses as:  #18 Pomachnia St and #38 Kievski St.  Whether these are house addresses or places to pick up mail, I cannot know.  A Chabad rabbi in Belaya Tserkov sent me photos of the addresses a few years ago, but it looks like it was all rebuilt after the war.  Other Y DNA matches with the Shainsky name come from Ignatova (sp?), closer to Kyiv.  I searched further in Yad Vashem and found Shainski pages with a possible name from the tree in MyHeritage.   Still searching!   Thanks for responding.
Stan Solinsky

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