Please contact me, FETELL in America #poland #galicia #ukraine


I want to contact my relatives in America, who are the descendants of ABRAM /AVRUM LEJB FERTEL from LABUN (Poland, Ukraine) in the 1920th. In September 1921 they have taken a ship from Danzig/Gdansk and came to America.
Their names are: Moize/MOISHE (born 3.07.1912, changed his name to MILTON FETELL), JANKIEL (changed name Jack FETELL, born 1.04.1908), CHAIM ( changed name HENRY IRVING FETELL, born 09.03.1912?),  MANIA (MIRIAM FETELL/ TALMADGE, born 22.03.1903) and USLA (ADELL FETELL/ NORFLUS, born 24.05.1905). Her second husband was William ZARROW.   The children of Jack have names KAUFMANN und LAKS.
The children of Milton are Arthur and Howard. 
I am the grandchild of Shmuel Abramovitch FERTEL, who was born in the second marriage. Later we all lived in BIROBIDSHAN (Russia).

Jana Tegel

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