Włoszczowa New Extracts #poland


Alegata are supporting documents to a vital event. Prior to
registering a civil marriage, documents were submitted to corroborate
the age of each spouse; a statement of death for a widowed spouse and
one of divorce for a divorced spouse. Generally these documents were
copies of civil registrations made at the time of the event. If no
registration had been made, a signed affidavit was required. The town
Rabbi summarized the marriage in a stamped statement, and if the
couples were from two different towns, the respective Rabbi from each
town submitted testimony. The details of the statement typically
mirrored those in the marriage registration (age, parentage, town) and
additionally listed the dates of the Banns (formal notices announcing
and preceding the marriage).

Marriage Alegata are therefore a boon to researchers when birth
registrations did not survive. In the case of Wloszczowa, no birth,
marriage or death registrations survived from 1839-1850, 1853, and
yet, incredibly, the Marriage Alegata survived for all but two of
those years.

These records have been fully extracted, reflecting a total of 189
marriages over the period. While most of the spouses resided either in
Wloszczowa or in surrounding villages, a number of spouses were from
Przedborz, Przyrow and Checiny. For a list of 241 surnames appearing
in these marriages and for additional details, please contact me.

Judy Golan
JRI-Poland Kielce Area Coordinator

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