Birth records in New York, #usa

Marcia Segal

One set of great-grandparents (Samuel and Clara Siegel) came from Romania with two young daughters, arriving in New York around May-June 1888. I'm assuming May-June because I have a copy of the manifest that puts them in Liverpool on May 7. Nothing for their arrival in the US. TheĀ delayed birth filing record for a sibling who was born later indicated that a child was born in New York. Nothing more specific than that, and the name Razel. There is no record for the child in the 1895 New Jersey census. The family was established in New Jersey by 1892.

Problem: I know the surname can be spelled any number of ways but there are so many variables on how to approach this that I'm not sure where to start. Nobody is around from that generation who remembers any of this. I didn't even know the child existed until a few years ago. I suspect this is going to be hands on research through paper or microfilm. Suggestions for approaches are very much welcome. This is one of those "enduring mysteries" I want to solve, because I will be the last person in my family to do the work--you know how this goes.


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