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Moishe Miller

Dear Group,
My g-g-gf was Jonasz (Yona) Weinstock, (born in VelkyHores, to Isak Weinstock and Rosalie Moskowitz, about 1832). This detail comaes from the 1869 Hungarian Census, where he is living in the town of Tokaj (part of Zemplen county) with his wife (Rachel Benjamin) and 5 children. My g-gf was Moritz Weinstock (1869-1949).

I am searching for Jonasz's date and place of death, The only clue I have is that the marriage record of Jonasz's son, Fulop, married 4 Dec 1892 in the town of Nagyvarad, lists that both the bride and groom's parents were alive. So I do know he likely passed after 1892. 

If anyone has suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Thank you, 
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY 
JGFF# 3391

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