Re: Ship Manifests, immigration #general


Ancestry indexes the Detained Alien Lists and the Board of Special Inquiry Lists.  Ancestry includes images of these lists and of the manifest itself.. Each list has  a Group and Number column. Each manifest page has a Group identification, added at the destination port.  You can find it in the upper right or in the upper left of the manifest page.  The Number is the line on which the immigrant appears.  You can sort through the manifest to find the page with the matching Group.  
Sometimes the the name on the lists is more legible to the indexers than is the name on the manifest, making it harder to match them both up.

David Rosen
Boston, MA   

On 7/26/2020 10:28 AM, Howard Morris via wrote:
If a name in the Manifest is on the Record of Detained Aliens or Held for Special Inquiry, wouldn’t that name also be in the body of the complete Manifest List? Ancestry and the other search sites point me to a name on Record of Detained Aliens or Special Inquiry lust, but do not find the name in the complete Manifest. Why? Is there an explanation for this?

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