Re: Lithuania - Soloveitchik Brothers with Same Given Name #lithuania

Aaron Slotnik

I think I found the Revision List entries you're referring to in the Litvak SIG All Lithuania Revision List Database in Vilijampole.  Setting aside the rabbinical issue for the moment and just going by what I see, I would take the index at face value that Movsha 'Shames' and Meyer Soloveitchik were brothers.  I would want to see the original because they appear to be in the same household listing as well, although didn't come up that way the search results presentation for some reason as would typically be the case.  Movsha is a typical Russian form of Moshe . . . I would not consider them to be different names.

Note that the children and grandchildren of Movsha have question marks after that 'Shames' surname which implies to me that the indexer assumed that was their surname.  It's important to note that 'Shames' is also an occupation in the synagogue.  So, this could have been referring to his occupation or it could be that this was the secular surname that he took and was referred to in official documents, while he was known in the community as Movsha/Moshe Soloveitchik.

So, if this were my research I would take the working hypothesis that Movsha 'Shames' and Moshe Soloveitchik were the same person and then conduct additional research to prove/disprove that to be the case.  You're fortunate to have these revision list entries that will greatly assist with that.  If this is indeed a rabbinical family, there should be additional rabbinic sources that can be consulted that would help.  I don't see the corresponding 1818 Revision List entry for the family . . . I'm not sure if it has been indexed yet but you should seek that out as well.  Hopefully this helps!

By the way, as the previous responder suggested it's always best to include specific information in a question so that other researchers can assist without having to reproduce it themselves.

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL

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