A curious mtDNA question #dna

Jody Gorran

I understand that surnames mean very little when interpreting mtDNA matches because we are referring to mothers and the matrilineal line. I have read and have been told that mtDNA matches seem generally to trace back 1000s of years, well beyond recorded history in most cases. However, what I am going to relate may simply be coincidental and nothing more. I’ve always had an interest in finding evidence that might show a familial connection to Spain as I am Jewish and considered Ashkenazi and have a close Y match whose family may have left Spain after the expulsion. I have had extensive DNA testing with Family Tree DNA beginning in 2007.

I have never paid much attention to my mtDNA haplogroup which is K1a4a until very recently when I noticed that of my 44 matches, 12 or slightly more than 25% seemed to have Spanish sounding surnames. What a coincidence. They include Reyes Cairo, Moncayo, Gonzalez, Silva, Cardozo, Ricardo, Ramos, Benator, Pavellas, Hinojosa, Gonzales, Avila. I wrote to them and received responses from several who actually said they had a Spanish connection. Obviously, those connections could have nothing to do with the mother’s side.

So my question is, while not quantifiable, given such a “coincidence” of Spanish sounding surnames, could “birds of a feather flock together” and perhaps the haplogroup K1a4a might actually exhibit a matrilineal line with Spanish connections?

Thank you for any thoughts.

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