Dead end for Ukraine records— please help #general


I have been trying for years to find records of my family before they came to america.  Their Ellis Island records and other documents say they lived in Kiev at the time of immigration. My great grandfather and his siblings were born there.  I believe there may have been other siblings that either stayed in Europe, or immigrated at another time.

My 2x great grandparents’ names were Moishe Spisman and Sisel Lechenger (both born about 1866).  I believe Moishe was born in Kamenetz.

Their children listed on the Ellis Island manifest were:
- Chane Spisman (b. 1888)
- Meier Spisman (b. 1892)
- Chaim Spisman (b. 1896)
- Alexander Spisman (b. 1898)
- Maria Spisman (b. 1902)

Sisel had a sister Bayla Leichenger who married an M. Silberman.

I also have a family story about a great uncle (possibly was a doctor) who was killed by wolves in Russia, but I don’t know his name or a way to ever find record of that.

I have close DNA matches with names I am unfamiliar with. My closest match is estimated to be 1st cousin 2x removed - 3rd cousin.  It makes me wonder if the Spisman/Lechenger names had changed or been different in Russia.

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