My paternal great-grandfather Ben PRESS from Vilkija or Seredzius #lithuania


I have been researching my family since 1990 but have hit a brick wall with my paternal great-grandfather, Ben Press. While my other three grandparents came from Lithuania or Russia around 1910, Ben Press came to America from Vilki (Vilkija) in 1885. His Castle Garden arrival record lists him as "Beryl Pres" and he was approximately 21-22 years old. I can find no other family members who either accompanied him or were left in Lithuania after an extensive search on LitvakSIG. There is a suggestion that the family may have also been associated with Seredzius. By 1893, he was in Des Moines, Iowa, and married Bessie Schatz (? Ginsberg.) They had 3 sons; he died in 1924. I would be very interested in corresponding with anyone with data on the Press family in this area of Lithuania.

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