Kalush, Ukraine, memorial book: new chapter translated: "From Kalush to Striyj ..." #ukraine

Deborah Schultz

I just wanted to let you know that we have translated a new chapter into English, for the Kalush, Ukraine, yizkor/memorial book:
"From Kalush to Striyj, From the Pit to the Trap" by Hella (Anna) Bickel-Horowitz
The author was one of the few Holocaust survivors from Kalush, and this chapter tells her story of survival. 
Regarding genealogy, names mentioned in the article include:
BICKEL: Dr. Eliezer, Sara, Herman, Lea, all of Kalush; Malka, of Kalush, married to Mr. TREITLER; Alter, of Boryslav
Dr. WEISS (the author's husband), of Kalush
Irena MILSTEIN, married to Rabbi Dr. KOHLBERG (the author's cousin), of Kalush, living in Striyj
Izio HOLDER, of Kalush
Adzio HELMAN, of Kalush
Mr. & Mrs. BARON, who owned a leather store in Kalush, and were at the Ugartstal labor camp near Kalush
Lawyer and Mrs. ROTHFELD, at the Ugartstal labor camp near Kalush
Lawyer ARNOLD, a refugee from Krakow, at Ugartstal
ZUKER, at Ugartstal
POPZAK, who worked in the stables at Ugartstal
Ms. MALTER, a young woman from Kalush, living in Striyj
Mania BLEIBERG, living in Striyj
Stach SOKAL, living in Striyj
Mushka EISENBRUCH, living in Striyj, daughter of Dr. EISENBRUCH of Kalush
Salka SHAPIRA, wife of Shalom SHAPIRA, of Kalush
Some of these are mentioned only briefly, but I thought the list might be of interest to anyone searching for information about them. 
If someone reading this has any additional information about or any connection to the BICKEL family of Kalush, please feel free to contact me privately. Thanks.
Deborah Schultz, Michigan, USA

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