Re: VERY SAD NEWS #galicia

Mark London <mrl@...>

This is very sad news. I hired Pamela for a genealogy project that
ended up taking over a year to complete. She went to incredible
efforts to complete the task, even given her busy schedule with her
other genealogy research. She was willing to keep looking for records,
even when she was told that the records I wanted no longer existed.
She had to deal with non-helpful clerks, badly indexed records, and
decrepit microfilm readers. Every time it looked like it was hopeless to
find any more records, she would voluntarily tell me that she was
willing to try one more time, and she would find more records. Given
the effort, most researchers would have charged me much more than
what I ended up paying her. Her emails reflected the description of
her personality. She genuinely enjoyed doing the research, and would
tell me of the fun she had in discovering the records. I had plans of
writing a book based the material that she found, and letting Pam
write a chapter about her experiences. Now I'll have to dedicate the
book to her.

Mark London

Ann Harris <> wrote:

It is with profound sadness that Gesher Galicia must announce the
sudden death of the creative force behind our organization. Pamela
Weisberger died this morning in Santa Monica after a brief illness....

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