Re: Hit a roadblock finding death certificate for NYC: names, certificate number, but no death year #belarus #usa #general

Stephen Weinstein

First, the reason it's a common certificate number is that it's just one death of one person, but ancestry indexed it under more than one name.  And it might not be either of their deaths; it could be their child's death (death certificates commonly include the names of the parents of the deceased).

Second, since you know that the year has to be some time from when the child was born to the present, and has to be a year that was included in the index, you can narrow it down to a range of 50-100 years.  Submit orders for all of those years -- it will cost you a lot of money, but you should get the record eventually.

But first look on the German and Italian sites for the child's death, and any other names that were in the index entry on ancestry; if you find a death with that certificate number, it's not a coincidence; whatever year the database gives you is the one to order.

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