Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general


My Father had a Clothing Manufacturing Company in South Australia for many years. A good 'cutter' was worth his weight in gold! because a good cutter might get two pairs of pants out of a piece of material and an average 'cutter' only one! They were very well paid. My Dad's business specialized in uniforms of many kinds, eg: Fire Brigade, Police Officers, and School Uniforms. When using the electric cutting machines, material would be stacked up on the cutters bench, and he might cut 20 size 8 Blazers at one time - not good if you make a mistake!! Cutters jealously guarded their patterns, and most would not let another use their patterns. When cutting only one garment, they would use large scissors, which were kept razor sharp (I still have a pair from Dad's factory, which closed many years ago). The only 'fatal' accident I could envisage would be if a cutter using a large electrical cutter, accidentally ran over the electric cord! In Australia that is 240Volts! Good Luck with your research.
David Dixon

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