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My father's family surname was Kopeikin and my great-grandparents Israel David Kopeikin and his wife Rosa Hartstein [originally Gartstein] were from Novo Fasto, just outside Kiev.  They moved to London, where I'm from [although I lived for many years in Los Angeles].  I'm now back in England, in Oxford.
We have postcards, with their photographs on them, from sisters Louisa and Anita Kievsky, then young elegant-looking women [their mother may have been called Rosa], written in Spanish: Anita and Louise were sending their regards to their uncles and cousins (tíos y primos).  The postcards were, addressed in Hebrew (or Yiddish), to my great-grandparents in London, sent from Buenos Aires on 30 March 1925.  I know, from my late grandparents, that some of their relations, and I'm going back quite some time now obviously, had emigrated to Argentina.    

Plesase see the 4 attachments- showing the front and back of the two postcards.

I have been searching for years for Louisa and Anita - any help would be very much appreciated!

I am also aware of Zulema Kievsky, born in Argentina in 1925 after the arrival of the family in 1922,  One of the witnesses to her marriage is Moises Kopeikin, 36 years old, married and living in San Luis 3162, Buenos Aires. It's in the neighborhood of Once, a traditional Jewish neighborhood in Buenos Aires.'

Take care and be well in these very difficult times to you all.


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