Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis or Eisenbeisz #germany #canada

Anita R.

I am looking for birth, marriage, death certificates,
etc., for my Great Grandparents,
Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis ( also spelled with
a ‘z’ on the end, as in Eisenbeisz), who lived in
( Gluckstahl, or Gluckstaad, Germany. I am unsure if Gluckstaad is the same village, alternate spelling.

They immigrated to the USA via Ellis Island in the
late 1800’s.

My late maternal Grandmother, Magdalena Eisenbeis,
one of their 6 children.
A childhood memory I have, is that Grandma
used to give us little schluks of Maniescwitz wine,
and her brother, my Great Uncle John, used to                wear a kipa.

Uncle John took my late sister Hazel on a trip to
Lodi, California in the 1980’s (90’s)? where she was told that there were Eisenbeis’s in Sacramento and other US cities, who spelled their surname with a ‘z’ on the end,
as in ‘Eisenbeisz,’ which they said was the Jewish 

They were ‘hidden’ Jews, and never told us anything about the family heritage, so we always assumed they were German.

I travelled to Israel as a tourist, cannot get a return flight out, due to covid19 lockdowns/airline shutdowns, and am planning to make Aliyah from here; however, I require documents to prove my Jewish heritage through my Grandma Magdalena Eisenbeis, and as they were ‘hidden’ Jews, I’m having problems finding Jewish documents like ketubah for my Great Grandparents, Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis.
My late father and mother were Levi and Beatrice

Pederson (née Fifield). She was born October 15, 1924, at Abbey, Saskatchewan, Canada.
My Dad, Levi Pederson, was born April 15th, 1932, 
St Hilliers, Minnesota.
My name is Anita Karen Runions.

Please contact
me via email:

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