Seeking Neuberger who disappeared in Yugoslavia in 1945 #hungary #general

R. Reuven K. Koffler

Hi JewishGenners, 

I am trying to track down every bit of information about: 

Friedrich, Frigyes (Fritz) Neuberger de Hlinik .
Friedrich was born in Pelsoz (then in the Austro- Hungarian Empire) in 1891.
Was a decorated officer in the Austro- Hungarian army in WWI, 
Lived in Zagreb,Croatia, exported wood from the port town of Rijeka, then Susak / Fiume, and from Trieste.
Friedrich disappeared in Communist Yugoslavia, after the end of the war, in 1945.   

I would deeply appreciate any idea about what resources may be available to find a clue to the enigma. 

Many thanks in advance and best wishes.

Reuven Koffler, Jerusalem. 

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