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I'm not certain that the man on the 1869 census in Tokaj ( and the man who died in Nagyvárad are the same person: the census definitely gives "N. Géres" as his birthplace, while the death record is transcribed as saying Szentes for the birthplace. 1906 is nearly a decade after the great official placename-disambiguation project in Hungary, so by then, unmodified "Szentes" meant only the town in Csongrád county, in southern Hungary; for the place in Zemplén county, you had to specify "Bodrogszentes". This would've been especially important in a register entry in a different county, but of course, the registrar could simply have gotten it wrong (because he didn't know to ask the right questions).

You probably already have this, but... Birth of Moricz Weinstock on 23 June 1869, line 14:

Marriage of Jonas and Rozalia in Sátoraljaújhely (18 June 1861) also has Nagygéres as his birthplace (entry number 195):

Unfortunately, it looks like FamilySearch does not have Jewish records for Királyhelmecz (where both Nagygéres and Bodrogszentes were supposedly recorded).

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