Re: Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia

Judi Wagner

My husbands maternal grandfather was Charles/Kalman WEINSTEIN/VAYNSHTEYN, and he was born in Khotyn/Hotin Bessarabia  in 1901.  His father was Samuel/Schmuel WEINSTEIN and his mother was Sarah/Sure Philstein-Germin.  Charles came to NYC in 1923, and his ticket was paid by his brother, Meyer, already in the US.  We know they were other siblings in Bessarabia.  A brother Boruch, and either he or his son went to Israel.  A sister Rickle, and another sister, we do not know the name.  A brother Yankel.  A brother Moishe.  I have photographs of the brother Moishe, his wife, his mother in law, and two sons.  We thought all perished in the holocaust.  I joined the Khotyn page on Facebook, and lo and behold, only a very short few weeks ago, I see the very same photo!!  I am stunned!  I immediately write to the person that put up the photo.  It is the daughter of the youngest boy in the photo.  Unbeknownst to us all, this child survived and went to Montevideo Uruguay.  We are corresponding using google translate, and as soon as the covid virus allows travel again, we are planning to meet,  I would be very excited to go to Uruguay.  We are sharing other photographs and stories.  She and her sister are very anxious to hear about the family living in the US and their children and grandchildren.  She is a docent at the holocaust museum there.  This is one of the very most exciting things that has happened since I started doing research for my husband's family.  

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