Re: Using DNA matches to find Jewish ancestors #dna

Jill Whitehead

Suggest you contact the Jewish Genealogical Society of Ireland - Stuart Rosenblatt is they key contact. Quite a few Ashkenazi Jews lived in Belfast and Dublin, and one of my family married a Belfast Jewish family that had previously lived in Northern England. They went from England to Ireland for business purposes. 

You may also find info at the Northern Ireland Record office - PRONI - and its equivalent in Eire 

I don't buy the Sephardic explanation at all. One of the UK "Who  do you think you are?" programmes on the BBC a few years ago featured the Irish actress Dervla Kirwan, who found she had an unexpected Ashkenazi Jewish Great Grandfather who had changed his name, to hide his Jewishness. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

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