Re: Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis or Eisenbeisz #germany #canada


Hi Anita Karen

Which documents of Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeiss/Eisenbeisz do you already have? Did you find their passenger manifest? Did they travel alone or with some children? If they had children born in Germany it would be helpful to know their names and dates too. I only know of a town called Gl├╝cksstadt which is situated in Schleswig-Holstein in North Germany. But I don't know anything about Jewish records of Gl├╝cksstadt of the 19th Century, because this is not my research area. Did you also try to research the Eisenbeisz-families in California? Maybe it could be helpful to look at their ship manifests and naturalisations too. You should find all this (and other Californian) documents on familysearch.

Corinne Iten

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