Re: Using DNA matches to find Jewish ancestors #dna


Keep in mind that all admixture reports from all companies are still at the level of "for entertainment value only" -- and MyHeritage is the absolute clown of the bunch. They predict ancestry that is ridiculously false for basically everyone. (For me, it's Swedish; for my cousin, it's British Isles. Both of us actually have all of our ancestors squarely in the Carpathian Basin.)

Ashkenazi genetics is endogamous enough that it's pretty confidently identifiable, even by MyHeritage, but the percentages they report can be wildly different from other companies. When it comes to something like "West Asian", all bets are off: neither the reference populations nor the customer base have even remotely enough representatives from this area to come to any definitive conclusions.

What it comes down to is that despite what all the DNA companies would have you believe, geography is not genetic.

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