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Wow, that's incredible! Thank you so much for sharing that story--it inspires me to keep searching. Is there a way to contact the Jewish Museum in Dublin to see if they could offer any insight? 

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This may not be of any direct assistance but I wanted to offer a parallel example of Jew's melding into Irish Catholic society. While working in San Francisco I was introduced to a woman whose name is Yvonne O'Connor. She had 12 siblings and fell right in the middle by age. After a number of years of close friendship she told me a story about her last trip home to Dublin. To her great surprise she found an old photo in the coal shed of her grandfather. He was known as "Altman the Salt man". After some cajoling with her extended family some things became clearer to her. There were certain burial traditions that the extended family followed that clearly were not Catholic. There was one older member of thee family that would not eat pork. A member or two would not travel on the sabbath.

Eventually she was reconciled to the fact that she was Jewish. Please keep in mind that this was a Catholic girl that had to dig deep into Irish history and eventually found family names in Synagogue records. She imparted to me that "Altman the Salt man" was a character in one of James Joyce's novel "Ulysses". She is now the director of the Jewish Museum in Dublin. She speaks many languages, is well traveled and knows much about Jewish history on the "Isle". If you are inclined she might have something to offer.

There is a significant Jewish world in Scotland and it is not uncommon for people to adopt culture and unintentionally lose some family history. Good Luck!

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