Maiden name of Great Grandmother #ukraine

Raylene Gurewich

I'm trying to find out the maiden name of my paternal great-grandmother who immigrated to Palestine from Proskurov (Khmelnytskyi) in 1925 with my Great Grandfather, Ya'acov Helfman and three of her sons, Israel, Nachman, and Moshe. Her first name was Chaya and she and Ya'acov had a small store in Tel Aviv/Yafo area. Chaya was born in 1868 and Ya'acov in 1865 according to census and voting records I found on the IGRA website.
Two of their sons (Samuel and Benjamin) immigrated to the U.S. Samuel settled in Texas and Benjamin married in New York and then moved to Michigan. I have located Benjamin's marriage certificate where he has the name of his mother as Chaika Viraly (Viraty), but that name cannot be verified in my research. Other U.S. documents I found didn't list a mother's maiden name at all for both brothers.
I'm hoping to find out her maiden name in Ukrainian documents, but don't have a clue where to look?

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