Re: Lost relatives in New York #usa

Moishe Miller

I have a twofold suggestion:
  • share the manifest for the 1907 arrival. It most likely gives name, relationship and address of a relative in the "old country" and the same for their destination in the US
  • use the website to search for marriages in New York, where the parent's name start with 
I looked up Kreine's arrival in 1907. It is the old manifest style, so there is no "old country" name/address. But, it does say she was going to her brother, Wolf Berkowsky, c/o Mr Salamon, at 82 East Broadway, in Manhattan. This sounds like it might be what you call, "Our known Kreine and Wolf".    
For anyone else that want a look, the 1907 ship manifest is here:
BTW, using sounds like on Stephen Morse's website, there is another arrival you might want to look at:
Burkowska, Karianna arriving in 1903, age 17, from Viczing. (SHIP NAME Rotterdam, ARRIVAL DATE February 14th, 1903, PORT OF DEPARTURE Rotterdam, Holland, line 9 of frame 288)
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
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