Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Jeff Miller

I find MyHeritage valuable because of their great analytical tools, and ability to search in multiple languages. I feel that they have a wonderful chromosome browser that actually identifies triangulated segments that are so much easier to see visually than anywhere else I've looked. 


However, I have found their account troublesome in the way they allow older versions of my family tree to hang around without allowing me to easily merge or supersede older information with newer, and I find Ancestry trees and its "companion" Family Tree Maker easier to use than MyHeritage trees and its Family Tree Builder. I also have trouble with MyHeritage handling of uploaded DNA and the way the site attempts to assign a person's DNA to trees even when the individual may not be in a tree. If it isn't successful in finding a tree, it has unassigned DNA accounts which can be annoying.



Jeff Miller



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