Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia

Stephen Cohen

Though I have been a member of this list for nearly 25 years, I’ll reintroduce myself—or rather, my ancestors:
NAYMAN/Newman from Lenino in southern Belarus
KANTOROVITCH from Lakhva in southern Belarus
GUREWICZ/Horowitz from David-Horodok in southern Belarus
KUPERMAN/Kooperman/Cooperman from Goworowo and environs in northeastern Poland
SZWARCBERG/Schwartzberg from Ostrow Mazowiecka in northeastern Poland
KUSHELEVITZ from Kossovo in Belarus
WITTENBERG from Mariampole and Prienai in Lithuania
KIGEL from Ivnitsa and environs in Ukraine
POLYAK/Pollack from Kodnya in Ukraine
SHERMAN from Zhitomir in Ukraine

There are some side branches, but those are the main points of interest.

—Steve Cohen, central New Jersey

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