BRAUNER in Poratim/Goratin #galicia

Sheri Meisel

I am requesting help identifying the town of my BRAUNER family. All
U.S. documents identify Galicia but not a specific town, except the

The 1910 ship manifest for my grandmother Sare Brauner and her sister
Necha identifies their birthplace as Poratim or Goratin (SS Ryndam
arrived NY Dec. 28, 1910). Necha's Social Security application indicates
she was born in 1893 in Rodehuf, Austria. The ship manifest for Sore's
brother Baruch said he had resided in Zloczow, Austria (SS Patricia
arrived NY Aug 30, 1906).

JewishGen and other searches suggest various possibilities for
Poratim/Goratin; I would very much appreciate your input deciding on
the most plausible town.

Sheri Meisel
Takoma Park, Maryland

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