Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Jessica Skippon

About two weeks ago I finally gave in and bought a Complete package. So far, no benefit and I am searching the web for ways of using it. When I search for information on a particular person, it gives me only facts, not the original document. I put my tree up at the start, it shows my tree, but the tree isn't connected to my DNA. I can find no 'contact us' on the website.

It makes a feature a 'letting me add large chunks of other peoples' trees' to my tree. I don't work that way, I want to confirm all the information. And they make a point of telling me the number of people I can add to me tree from this other person's tree.

Also, I was hoping that because so many Jewish people use My Heritage there were be more trees to work out my DNA links. But so far most of my 25% Ashkenazi heritage is reflected in 90+% of my DNA matches and almost no one has posted an extensive tree, ie, going back past 1900.

On the plus side, I have a zillion photos to colourise and a year's subscription is cheaper than a colourisation package.

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