Re: Genealogy Software For Family Trees #general


Hi Jeri,
I would suggest using "GenoPro", very easy to use and easily downloadable from the internet. As far as I see from having using it for many years, I can reply to your questions as follows:
1. A program that lets me include every family member (siblings;
cousins; aunts and uncles; 1st, 2nd, etc. marriages; etc.) in one giant
family tree.
It does; virtually no limit to number of family members (the only limit might be your own ability to orientate yourself among a huge number of members)

2. A program that lets me enter birth, marriage, death info that is
printed right on the tree itself, so I don't have to refer to any other
It does; you also can enter many more personal details (from my experience, many more than you actually can know about each person)

3. A program that will let me print out this tree, even if it means
taping together a whole bunch of sheets, and will also allow me to make
the tree into a PDF file, so I can share it via email.
It does. If its size is large enough to exceed an A4/A3 paper sheet, you can save the tree as an image file and later print the whole tree/image on a plotter

4. A program that is a true family tree, not just sheets listing
people. (A cousin gave me a printout like that, and it's way too hard
to follow.)
It is. The visual aspect of your family tree is a true... tree. As you progressively build it you can re-arrange its aspect by modifying/moving people among it and maintaining the relative relationships

5. The program must be compatible with Windows 10.
It is. I use it on a Win10 PC.

All the best,

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