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Hi Dani,

You forgot to inform us if you are computer comfortable.
Do you know how to create backup and can you create
the data on your own computer?
You know, I didn't even think about that! I've been using computers
since the days of bulletin boards (before the Internet) and MS DOS
(before Windows), so it just never crosses my mind. Yeah, I'm fine with
it all.

If so, I suggest Brother's Keeper for almost everything
you ask for.
That sounds good.

It has it's own database.
There are over 100 types of data you can enter, with sources and notes.
You can add photos and documents as linked files, I think the
author told there is no known limit, I asked when I got to 20 documents
and wanted to know if I should add only photos or if I can link in
census, ellis island, draft cards, etc. You can add in any file type,
but I have not looked how to open each within BK, I open PDF with
Wow. That certainly would be helpful. I use Adobe for PDF files, too.

There is a dedicated field for name variations, Hebrew,
nicknames, and many more. I add names in Hebrew without problems.
That's great. There were a lot of name changes and nicknames in my family.

GED files can be exported and imported. I think you can split the database
by descendants, but I have not tried.

My "tree" has on my mother's side both her families, on
my father's side, both his parents, both my grandmother's parents
and a family that is close to me but not related, 2 brothers married
2 sisters. A total of 6 families and some small families that I added later.

You can print reports with or without duplicates (cousins that married).
All that sounds good.

I do not like the way the family tree prints page by page.
Until about 2000, you could use dot matrix printer and
print length wise on continuous paper. I now use a program
called "Agelong Tree" to produce family trees. I am hardware
limited to about 20 meters, (60+ feet) due to limitations of
hardware/software. I print the file at architect offices on plotters.
For some things, I really miss the old dot matrix printers and
continuous feed paper. That's a great idea for printing!

Anyone who wants to see a sample of the tree output I can send
a file with only dates and initials of 868K .
I'd love to see it!

Thanks so much,

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