Re: Genealogy Software For Family Trees #general


Hi Davide,

I would suggest using "GenoPro", very easy to use and easily
downloadable from the internet. As far as I see from having using it for
many years, I can reply to your questions as follows:
I've never heard of this program, but I'm not surprised, because there
are so many out there.

It does; virtually no limit to number of family members (the only limit
might be your own ability to orientate yourself among a huge number of
That sounds great. That's why I need the software! I'm drowning in
relatives and some even have the same given and surnames!

It does; you also can enter many more personal details (from my
experience, many more than you actually can know about each person)
That's even better. It would help me to be able to include occupations,

It does. If its size is large enough to exceed an A4/A3 paper sheet, you
can save the tree as an image file and later print the whole tree/image
on a plotter
That's probably what I'd have to do once I got everyone on there. It
will be big!

It is. The visual aspect of your family tree is a true... tree. As you
progressively build it you can re-arrange its aspect by modifying/moving
people among it and maintaining the relative relationships
Oh good! That is the easiest format for me to follow. Nice to know you
can shift things around without having to start over.
It is. I use it on a Win10 PC.
Perfect! I will definitely take a good look at this program. Thanks so
much for sharing your experience and information.

Take Care,

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