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hello, is there a way to find a list of ship names/manifests for arrivals of Yiddish speakers from Russia? My husband's great-grandfather, Israel Divac arrived in 1882 and the 1920 census for Philadelphia listed his spoken language as Yiddish and his origins from Russia. Minnie Schreck

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Hello all--

When my great grandmother from Kornitsa brought her children to America in 1895 they came on a ship from Hamburg.  The passenger list employs Yiddish names with unusual, perhaps German, spellings.  For instance Tsiedel became Zeitel. Similar forms of the names also appear on the list of arrivals in NY.

One of the names is hard to read but looks like Therue or Tocherre  which I believe is my great aunt Jennie.  Is Tocherre  a name?  Is it possible that my ggmother said "daughter" or "tochter" and the name on the list  arises from that?  Are there names for Jennie that seem like either of these?

Marsha Starr Paiste
New Hampshire

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