Comment about software, online vs local (MH vs Ancestry) #general

Dahn Cukier

Yesterday a mention was made that a person's information
was removed/lost from an online tree. This was in the Ancestry vs
MyHeritage thread.

I have written this in the past, documents should be
downloaded to your private computer. A judge can
decide that some item is "private" and it is then
removed from the online information.

If a judge one day decides that a site violates
personal privacy and needs to be removed, all the
data can be lost.

Has this happened? Not as far as I know with genealogy, BUT
it did happen to a site that shared songs and a court decided
it violated copy-rites, overnight the site closed down and
all and any songs stored on the site were lost.

As can be seen, I am advocate of offline information
storage. That includes offline backup to privately owned
flash-drives and external drives. These and CD or DVD have
their limitations also, be sure to verify at least once a year
that data can be retrieved and have more than one backup.

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