Re: NYC Municipal Death Records Archive #usa

A. E. Jordan

From: Barbara Ellman <ellmanb@...>
All records not identified on the Municipal Archives site are still held by the Health Department:

Marriage Licenses after 1949


This is incorrect information.  Marriage licenses were and still are issued by the City Clerk in New York City at the Marriage Bureau.  They hold the licenses from 1950 to the current day. 

Any license over 50 years is public record and anyone can buy a copy.  There is no self service at the Marriage Bureau.  You can not go there and view the records.  You can buy them in person (in normal times) or mail order.  The fee is $15 in person and it includes a limited search if you do not have all the details.

If you want copies it makes more sense to check the online index to get the date or certificate numbers first.

Licenses that were less than 50 years are available to the people named on the certificate as well as other people.  Read the Marriage Bureau's information as to the process for ordering the newer certificates.

Allan Jordan

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