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A. E. Jordan

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What is the status of the 1949 records, which I believe are now public records due to the passage of time. Are they available on microfilm at the NYC Municipal Archive?

The New York Health Department lives by its own rules so no they are not available.  In theory births over 100 years should also be public but the Health Department simply does not follow the rules.  For example if you can prove a person is dead the Health Department under its own rules should release the birth certificate.  I was looking for a child born in 1910 and died three years later in an accident.  I took the Health Department the death certificate requesting the birth certificate and repeatedly they kept asking me, "Are you the child's father?"  I finally pointed out to the clerk if in 2018 I was the father of a child born in 1910 we would have a much bigger story to talk about ....even the clerk stopped reading the rule book and thought about what she was asking and started to laugh.  They never did find the birth certificate for me.

Allan Jordan

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