Researching meaning of surname from Ukraine #ukraine #names

Denise Suttle

Hello. If anyone has a copy of Alexander Beider's Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire I would be so grateful if you could search for the name MESCHMAR or MYSHMAR. My father's family was from Odessa, and we have no information earlier than the 1880's. The surname in Hebrew means guardian, jail or guard post. We are curious about in the required selection of a surname, how it came to be that a Hebrew name was chosen, rather than something more secular. If there is a possible meaning in Russian for the name, this might answer the question. All suggestions and thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.
Denise Suttle
MESCHMAR (Ukraine, Odessa, Kiev) LECHZIER, LEKHTSER (Kishinev, Medzhibozh, Bessarabia, Moldova)

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