Gittle ABRAMOWITZ's (19th cent. Novarodok) maiden name-HOROWITZ? #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am researching my great great grandmother's maiden name. Gittle
ABRAMOWITZ, widowed from Yitzchak in Novarodok during the second half
of the 19th cent.and came to the USA (New Haven 1870-1880, I have no
records only family lore).

There is a HOROWITZ family who also left Novarodok ,one branch
(including Rabbi I.S. ) came to Hartford, Ct. (USA) another to Israel
(Petach Tikva -Reb. Shimon "Shoichet") and they all "know" we are
cousins but no one alive today seems to know the exact connection.
Both Rabbi I.S. and Simon "Shoichet" passed away many years ago.

One family note (again no records) that one of my ABRAMOWITZ
forefathers from Novarodok was the brother of the Rabbi of the city in
the mid 19th cent.-a certain Rav David (family name unknown to me-one
suggestion was TCHERMINSKY- but researching that name couldn't make a
connection), also known as the "Galia Mesechta" as per his book which
he authored, whose son married a daughter of a HOROWITZ from Minsk.
The son adopted the family name HOROWITZ as his own.

A friend of mine, who is a member of the USA HOROWITZ clan said to me
years ago that he had seen a family tree (his) in which our family
appears but didn't remember where and when he saw it. My parents
(KATZOFF) generation were friends with school mates (HOROWITZ) who
later lived in the New York area.

Its been suggested that I do dna testing. Its problematic here in
Israel so I prefer not to go in that direction. I should mention that
I am not sure if the spelling is HOROWITZ or HURWITZ.

If anyone knows a connection between ABRAMOWITZ and HOROWITZ both of
Novarodok , I'd appreciate hearing from you.


Yoni Ben-Ari (Katzoff), Jerusalem

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