Re: Weinstock from Hungary #hungary #general #slovakia


The reason I'm automatically wary of "spouse's name is the same, must be the same couple" is that I have ancestors who shared their exact names with another couple in the same small village (population 122). Also, Jewish surnames draw from a pretty limited pool all over Hungary, and the choices of given names came from a rather homogenous short list, too, so name repeats are bound to happen.

If the occupation matches (especially if it's something fairly specialized, rather than a generic "merchant"), it may be enough to tip the scale in favor. (That Dratted Handwriting is getting the best of me on the marriage record, so I don't know what it says for the occupation of Jonas.)

(Bodrog-)Szentes versus NagygÊres as birthplace is a minor difference in terms of geography (3 miles), but one wonders why the difference in reported names. Did they actually live on an outlying farm somewhere, and someone got confused about which municipality it belonged to?

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