Re: Research individuals in France #france

Fran Stark-Hundiak

On Filae I was able to find the following,

Naturalization: Originally this person was of foreign nationality, she became French by benefiting from a decree of NATURALIZATION. The first text concerning the naturalizations of foreigners in France is a judgment of the Parliament of Paris dated 1515: "The child born in France of foreign parents is French if he chooses to settle permanently in France", The 25th of June 1948, at France (Republic Of France)

Birth: The 14th of October 1909, at Chmielnik (Chmielnik, Powiat Koniński, Województwo Wielkopolskie, Republic Of Poland)


Since he Naturalized June 25 1948 you should be able to follow the instructions of Bernard Flam on using Gallica to find more information.


Hope this helps.

Fran Stark-Hundiak

Michigan USA

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