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Lee Jaffe

I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the given name "Slawa."  In particular I'm wondering if it is a nickname for another name, say a Polish equivalent for a Jewish name. 

I'm researching my 3x great-grandmother Slawa Brodowicz Ludwinowska (b. 1800?, Wizajny, Suwalki, Poland), exploring any and all avenues to identify her parents.  We find many records for her under this name in JRI-Poland databases, most associated with births and marriages of her 9 children.  Three of these records identify a possible father, and these are contradictory.  I thought we might be able to expand our search options if we could identify other possible names she may have used and allow us to find a birth or marriage record with further information about her parents.

Red herrings: We know there is a town Slawa about 200 miles away, but we have no indication that's where the family originated (nor does it seem likely she'd be named for the town).  We also understand that the w would be pronounced as a v and that Slava is a common nickname in Eastern Europe and Russia, almost exclusively shortening masculine names (e.g. Stanislav).  One exception is a musician whose real given name is Anastasia.  There is also an "deviant" (her term)  artist called Slawa, but I cannot determine her actual name. 

Instead, we're hoping the wisdom of the list can help us identify a Polish-derivation of a Hebrew or Yiddish name (e.g. Yitzhak > Ick).  Perhaps members have family members called "Slawa" where it was a nickname for another name you can share with us.  

Thank you for your assistance,

Lee Jaffe
Sadye Stein < Ella Braun < Rywka Ludwinowka < Slawa Brodowicz?

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