Isaac LAZAROFF-, USA/ England/Jerusalem-Begin. 20th cent., #usa #unitedkingdom #israel

Yonatan Ben-Ari

In order to confirm family lore I am researching an individual by the
name of Isaac LAZAROFF ( spelling may be variant) who was supposedly
married to my great great great grandmother, a second marriage for

This story was told to my second cousin who heard it from his
grandmother. According to my cousin , his grandmother said that
LAZAROFF was a wealthy, orthodox Londoner, who had some 10 children
from his first wife (in England) and came to Jerusalem to find a
shidduch (a new wife). Supposedly they lived in the Mea Shearim
neighborhood in Jerusalem. Then it was a very fancy area.

My guess is that this gentleman may have been an American rather than
British (or a Britisher who had lived in the States) as there are
several discrepancies (and no official records,) for the family
history of that period. What is pretty sure, but again no records,
that this maternal ancestress had lived for years in New Haven, Ct.
before coming (or returning) to Jerusalem.

Is the above Isaac (Yitzchak) LAZAROFF, familiar to anyone ?


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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