Re: Research individuals in France #france

David Choukroun

Hello Judi,

you can probably find them with the Birth civil acts of Paris here :

Start with the Decennale files to get their exact dates/reference : below are the range of years covered by those Decennale tables

Tables des naissances, mariages et décès (1860-1932), tables des mariages (1955-1974) et tables des décès (1955-1984)

Without the address (that gives you the "arrondissement"),  you will have to search into the 20 files of the 20 "arrondissement" of Paris

I did it for the #4 "arrondissment" and get a Richard H. 

only 19 other arrondissement to check :)  -- good luck !

Then to get the act itself (to check the parents, and the address), only the following periods are online

Actes de naissance (1860-1924), mariage (1860-1944) et décès (1860-1986)

Once you have them in the Decennale tables, and if they are outside of the previous ranges (i.e. 1929/1930) 
you can request the acts (but you need all the info) via :



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